If You're Looking To Master Social Media and Launch A Wildly Successful Business Empire Online, YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!
Introducing: The Social Media Mastery Mentorship Program
Our Global Selling Program Designed To Create Profitable and Long-Term Service Based Business Owners, Social Media Marketing Moguls, and More People Living The Laptop Lifestyle

Let's Be Real.

You've been thinking about quitting your job, making money on the side while still in school or working, and want to get a head start on finally learning the tools that will make your dream life not so much a dream... but reality.

As someone who is Gen Z or a Millennial, you already know Social Media.. might as well make it into a form of income with the right step-by-step know how!

Learn A skill and start a business that will finally allow you to live that "Laptop Lifestyle". 

You can go from aimlessly scrolling on social media to taking action and using social media to land clients paying you 4 figures monthly in as little as 90 days. No, seriously. Keep Scrolling!

And The Truth Is...

The demand for social media marketers is on the path to rapid G-R-O-W-T-H.

Everyone’s on social media.
And it’s true: you have to be on social media to make REAL money…
over 800,000 businesses in the USA alone opened in 2020. Yes, even during a pandemic

1. Navigating Social Media is as simple as us; not to business owners who are too focused on building their business and have no idea what they're doing when it comes to social media

This is why they're willing to pay anywhere from $500-$5,000 A MONTH depending on what service you provide them.

2. Social Media is a HIGHLY profitable skill. Brands who aren't utalizing social media understand they're leaving money on the table and are literally begging for the right person to come in and help them navigate such a profitable tool.

It’s simple, but not easy. Luckily we’re going to teach you the EXACT step-by-step process AND teach you highly profitable skills that fall under Social Media Marketing. 

3. Learning Social Media Marketing will have you set for life!  Once you learn Social Media Marketing, you can offer it to others as a service as well as apply it to your own business and future business. You are learning a skill that will continue to pay you for the rest of your life, even if you decide to start new businesses or journeys!

“I want to start living my dream life and making more money… But I have no idea how…”

The struggle is real. We all want to make it big. To start living a different life…

To stop worrying about money and live life the best way we can

To give back to everyone that supported you

But to make any of that happen, you have to start somewhere…

And STARTING is the hardest part

Money, failure, and self-doubt can be daunting obstacles in the way of getting started.

And not to mention... where does one even start?! 

That's where Elite Tier comes in...!

Who Are We? We're 2 Best Friends Who Have Completely Changed Our Lives With Social Media

We’re Aishah & Shye, a former 9-5er and bartender and current Co-founders of Elite Tier Academy.

We know EXACTLY how you feel. 

2 years ago we were struggling.We wanted to get more out of life. we felt suffocated in toxic environments. We were simply surviving…

...When we wanted to thrive.

We kept seeing people make money on social media.
years later....
We did it all.

We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in investing in ourselves

Events, mentorships, courses, wasted investments...

had several failed attempts at online businesses.... 

We tried it all.

we implemented what was useful, and threw out what was harmful, and eventually…
From there, it only went up.

Now, we are blessed to empower and teach other women how to start and launch their own wildly successful Social Media Business using our tried and tested proven step-by-step mentorship program! 

We've helped thousands of students start making money using social media even during a pandemic!

This Program Is For Those Who...

  • ​Start a wildly profitable Social Media Marketing Agency
  • ​Want to become Financially Free. Quit their 9-5 and be able to get paid thousands of dollars based on skill
  • ​Don't want a cap to their income. Be able to create six-figure years while managing clients YOU want to work with rather than hope for a raise at work or to get a "better job"
  • Want location freedom. Be able to sit back, kick back at the pool, travel, and still have a functioning business bringing in money and allowing you a lifestyle free of restrictions
  • ​​Want to spend more time doing things they love. 
  • ​​Want to avoid mistakes while building an empire
  • ​​Simply want to live their best life

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Inside Our Social Media Marketing Mastery Mentorship Program

Access to 10+ Hours of In-Depth Training Modules

We’re going to take you through starting your own social media marketing business step-by-step. Everything you need to know will be covered, and you’ll develop the skills you need to succeed.


Learn to be a productive business owner by changing your mindset, productivity, and lifestyle


Learn how to market on Social Media in 2021..not your regular college marketing course. Learn marketing thats actually going to make you money. Learn to market your business and FOR businesses on social media the right way so sales and clients come to you easily.


Learn to brand yourself AND your business for success. Others perceiving you like a million dollar business is what will get you millions. Once you learn branding.. guess what... you can offer this as a service too! (Social Media Management)


Most people teach social media ads ALONE for thousands of dollars in their mentorship program but we're not going to do that....Once you learn ads, you can grow your business as well as get clients to pay you thousands just to run their ads.


Never started a business before? Have no idea what the step-by-step is? Have no idea how to get clients and/or sales with little experience? We got you covered with this section!


Not confident enough to secure clients that will pay you anywhere from $500- $5,000 a month? We got you covered. Learn how to successfully secure clients on a daily basis for your Social Media Business. 


 We don't just want you to start a business, we want you to learn how to GROW it!. Learn all the ways you can grow your business once you've started it up. Collaborations, White-labeling, and so much more. 
You’ve already seen the results for yourself…

And we’re on a mission to help YOU experience the life changing benefits of The Social Media Marketing Mastery Mentorship Program.

All you have to do is say YES...

What People Are Saying About The Mentorship Program

"Started a cosmetic line!"
"I recently started a cosmetic line. And all that is thanks to elite tear Academy. before them I didn't know what I was doing. I'm just be honest, I had been searching so many things and I still wasn't sure like what steps I should take.  So I just want to say thank you to them, because without them, I'll probably still just be thinking about what I should do next!"

"Ended up making $1,200 in my very first month!"
"Ended up landing my very first high ticket client and ended up making 1200 dollars my very first month. I didn't even know that was possible to do but it definitely gave me the confidence that I needed to keep on going. I'm so happy and so thankful that they taught me a new profitable skill, and I can't wait to learn so much more from them.."

You’re Covered By Our 90 Day Elite Guarantee!

We KNOW The 90 Day Social Media Marketing Mastery Mentorship Program is going to jumpstart your brand...and we’re willing to “put our money where our mouth is” and PROVE it to you. Get access TODAY. And if you don’t see results in your first 90 days, show us proof of execution, and we'll refund every dime you paid.

Now, You Really Only Have 3 Options...

OPTION 1: You could leave this page. But after what you’ve just discovered about the easy way to start and launch your online brand...I’d be surprised if you make that choice. Besides, you will end up with the same disappointments, frustrations, and results.
OPTION 2: You could go off and continue doing things by yourself, blindly without knowing the exact process it takes to MAKE IT BIG.
OPTION 3: You can decide RIGHT NOW that you want to start the process of achieving financial freedom and join The Social Media Marketing Mastery Mentorship Program TODAY.
The choice is yours…



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